China Standard China Manufacturer Hydraulic Electric Smart Duplex Parking Lift with Hot selling

Product Description


HydroPark1123/1127 &  TPP2.7/2.3 is  the 2 post parking carry. It is a kind of valet parking products, ideal for the two professional and household parking reasons. It moves only vertically, so the customers have to clear the floor degree to get the increased degree automobile down. It is hydraulic pushed with chains. The equipment can be utilised for equally sedan & small SUV. 

one. Reduced use expense
When the system moves down, it will be driven by gravity — no electric power consumption for hydraulic electricity pack. 

two. Rapidly and straightforward installation
With skilled style and pleasant deal, it gets to be basic on set up. What is more, in depth set up manual, drawing and video connected with merchandise will help consumers have less complicated installation perform. 

3. Sharing post characteristic
The posts could be shared when they are installed aspect by facet, which can save value, land room, and container area. 

4. Professional packing & delivery
We have really specialist packaging and logistic people to make sure our buyer will get the solution injury totally free, simple load & unload in time. 

five. Hydraulic driving method
Many thanks to the hydraulic driving manner, our lift could have a faster lifting velocity. Even though there is electrical power failure, the higher vehicle nonetheless can be retrieved by manually running the solenoid valve. 

6. Dynamic locking device
We are oering the most secure parking machine in the market place, the gear is built below the CE common and there are more than 10 security features to make sure our clientele will constantly get protection. Specially, there are a range of locking tabs on the posts to protect cars from accident harm. 

seven. Stronger composition
HydroPark 1127 enforced the vital parts that carry the weight tends to make the tools further powerful. 

eight. Lock down button
Person could press LOCK DOWN button to make platform descend a little and sit on locking tab following system go up to leading place, to make cylinder “relaxation” CZPT any force. As a result the hydraulic cylinder could be utilized for more time time. 

nine. Back again in available for auto door opening simply
The post and system was re-designed to make back in obtainable, which will aid people a lot to open car door effortlessly when a car is parked on the system. 

Main Characteristics (benefits): 
1. By sharing column, the complete width of the solution have different figure. 
2. If your ceiling peak is far more than 4.4meters, we could use single phase cylinder to lower cost for you. 
3. The standard method is powder coated with zinc go over plate, and can be galvanized for outdoor use. 
4. Mechanical lock on equally sides for safety. 
five. Photocell sensor obtainable for electric lock launch kind to check underneath vehicle and keep away from trespass. 
6 Audio & light CZPT throughout decreasing the system. (Optional)
seven. Electric powered defense for electrical power more than load or below voltage. 
8. Car locking system for power reduce as safety attributes. 
nine. Crisis stop button. 
ten. Explosion relief valve make positive hydraulic protection. 
eleven. Equilibrium chain for platform synchronization. 
twelve. Cylinder direct push. 
13. Overhead beam for more stability (Optional, recommend to use when set up unbiased device)
14. Galvanized protect plate used for water-proof, anti-rust, anti-slip. 


HydroPark1127 sequence
Parking automobiles 2
Lifting/reducing time (seconds) 40 ~ 55
Energy (hydraulic energy in Kw) 2.2 / 3.
Generate manner Hydraulic cylinder immediate drive
Operation mode Crucial switch
Lock releasing manner 24V electrical lock release
HydroPark1127 Common product
Lifting potential (kg) 2700
Lifting top (mm) 2100
Anti-falling basic safety lock postion All way
Lifting capability (kg) 2300
Lifting peak (mm) 2100
Anti-falling protection lock postion All way
Lifting capability (kg) 3200
Lifting top (mm) 2100
Anti-slipping protection lock postion All way


The push chain is utilized to transmit mechanical power when the axle distance is quick. These chains have effective lubrication. There are the subsequent a few sorts of energy transmission chains. Slider or Bushing Chain Bushing Roller Chain Tranquil Chain
The roller chain operates on rotating sprockets linked to the motor that drives the chain. In most roller chains, there are two kinds of back links employed alternately to make it function. Inner join (also called roller be part of): The two internal plates are joined jointly by two sleeves or bushings beneath the two rollers. Outer ring (also known as pin ring): The two outer plates are pinned with each other, through the bushing of the internal ring.

China Standard China Manufacturer Hydraulic Electric Smart Duplex Parking Lift     with Hot selling