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Product Description

Auto parking automobile freight lift elevators

Vehicle elevator is a unique elevator to remedy the difficulty of automobile vertical transportation.
Its regular load is 3000kg, 5000kg.
The pace is .25-.5m/s.
As an crucial vehicle for vertical transportation, in contrast with the traditional ramp, the car
elevator can conserve 80% flooring location and far more than two times the auto turnover performance.

The new technology frequency conversion engineering and long lasting magnent synchronous tractor can lessen vibration
and noise in the course of elevator operation, boost transport performance and minimize electricity intake.
Appropriate for shooping malls, hotels, factories and general public transportation.
Car elevator made for non-business use for vertical transportation in between buildings be extensively used in vehicle 4S store,
garage, stereo parking and other places.

Origin & Elevator manufacturing unit deal with: HangZhou, ZheJiang , P.R.China.

Automobile Elevator Features
(1) When loading unloading the load of elevator increase decreases sharply, the load in the car is not uniform.
This is really various from the way of laoding or unloading gradually by regular cargo carry.
Car elevator construction design and style must be in a position to adapt to this characteristic.
(2) There are 2 manage button boxes in the auto.
The driver can management the elevator CZPT obtaining out of the vehicle.
(3) The rated load capability is a lot more than 3 tons, the cage area of large enough to have all sorts of little autos.
(4) The placing of entrance and rear connectiong doorways services the car to get in and out of the elevator.
(5) A car suited for carring automobiles.

FU JI APSL Advantages
The auto elevator adopts the hugely mature VVVF handle technologies, which is controlled by the unique frequency converter
with really precise pace regulation, which tremendously enhances the operating steadiness and saves energy.
The new minimal sounds module installed in the reverse ficture tends to make the procedure more peaceful and allows the auto to
take pleasure in the greatest support on the way up and down.

APSL Vehicle ELEVATOR has the attributes of security amd dependability, stability and comfort, and large level precision.
In check out of the 2 primary points of insufficient stiffness and large torque in the standard car carry, the all round structure is made
from the viewpoint of decomposition torque, and the elevator guidebook rail is included to the total lift, and the symmetrical 4 or six
manual rail is adopted to manual the carry, which not only enhances the all round stiffness of the vehicle but also lowers the torque, therefore fixing
the unfavourable elements of the automobile shaking. The doorway is equipped with a dependable light curtain security gadget to not sure that your auto
can safely and securely enter and exit CZPT abrasion or collision incidents.


Device place automobile elevator civil engineering parameters for reference only:

Product Capacity
Speed m/s Automobile internet width x depth mm Door width x depth mm Shaft width x depth mm MR width x depth mm PD mm
OH mm
M3 3000 .25/.five 2500*6000 2500*2300 4200*6500 4200*6500 1700 4800
M5 5000 .twenty five/.5 3200*7000 2800*2300 4800*7500 4800*7500 1700 4800

Equipment roomless vehicle elevator civil engineering parameters for reference only:

Design Capability
Velocity m/s Car internet width x depth mm Door width x depth mm Shaft width x depth mm MR width x depth mm PD mm
OH mm
MRL3 3000 .5/1. 2500*6000 2500*2300 4200*6500 4200*6500 1700 5000
MRL5 4000 .5/1. 2800*7000 2800*2300 4600*7500 4800*7500 1700 5000

The above device mm, allowable devision ±50mm.

The company and resilient auto cabin
China OEM ODM leading brand name maker
HangZhou, ZheJiang , China

China Traction Hydraulic Common Quality 3t 5t 3000kg 5000kg Car Elevator Lifts
Parking tools VVVF weighty cargo elevator with gearless ARD
Customize freight lifters automobile elevators
Pace .25-.5m/s
Usage: for auto cargo items freight transportation
The firm and resilient car cabin
Equipment place or machine area much less


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Automobile parking vehicle freight raise elevators

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China Best Sales Freight Car Auto parking lift elevator 0.63m/s 12345t elevator lift     near me factory