180*72*34 Merlo Minidig Multidrill Nagano Nemag Excavator Rubber Track

180*72*34 Merlo Minidig Multidrill Nagano Nemag Excavator Rubber Track

180&ast72&ast34 MERLO MINIDIG MULTIDRILL NAGANO NEMAG Excavator Rubber Monitor

Fundamental Data

Basic Info  
1&periodMaterials&colon Rubber
2&periodModel NO&time period&colon one hundred eighty&ast72&ast34
3&periodType&colon Crawler
4&periodApplication&colon Excavator
five&periodCondition&colon New
6&periodWidth&colon 180mm
seven&periodPitch Length&colon 72mm
eight&periodLink No&colon Can Be CZPTized
9&periodCertification&colon CZPT&colon 2000
ten&periodPlace of Origin&colon HangCZPT&comma China &lparMainland&rpar
11&periodColor Black
twelve&periodTransport Package Bare Packing or Wooden Pallets
thirteen&periodDelivery Date 15days After Payment
14&periodWarranty Guarantee 12 Months Under Normal Use
fifteen&periodExport Market CZPT
sixteen&periodSpecification GT-180&ast72&ast34
seventeen&periodPayment Term&colon L&solC&commaT&solT

About Us
Ahead of Gator Monitor manufacturing facility&comma we are AIMAX&comma trader for rubber tracks for over 15 a long time&interval Drawing from our knowledge in this area&comma to better provide our consumers&comma we felt the urge to develop a manufacturing facility of our own&comma not in pursuit of quantity we can promote&comma but of every very good observe we constructed and make it depend&interval
In 2015&comma Gator Keep track of was founded with the support of wealthy skilled engineers&period of time Our 1st monitor was developed on eighth&comma March&comma 2016&period  For the overall built fifty containers in 2016&comma so significantly only one claim for one computer&period of time
As a brand name new manufacturing facility&comma we have all brand new toolings for most of the sizes for excavator tracks&comma loader tracks&comma dumper tracks&comma ASV tracks and rubber pads&period Most not too long ago we have additional a new generation line for snow cell tracks and robot tracks&interval By means of tear and sweat&comma content to see we are developing&time period
We seem CZPT to the prospect to make your organization and a extended&comma lasting romantic relationship&time period
Severe Durability & Performance
Our joint cost-free observe framework&comma Special designed tread pattern&comma one hundred&percnt virgin rubber&commaand one particular piece forging insert metal end result severe durability & functionality and longer support lifestyle for design gear use&period Gator Observe tracks complete a high amount of trustworthiness and good quality with our most current engineering in mould tooling and rubber formulation&period

How to confirm a alternative rubber monitor size&colon
Very first try out to see if the dimensions is stamped together the within of the observe&time period
If you can not locate the rubber observe measurement stamped on the track&comma Pls tell the blow info to us&colon
The make&comma design&comma and yr of the vehicle
The Rubber Observe Dimensions &equals Width&lparE&rpar x Pitch x Quantity of Back links &lpardescribed under&rpar

Item Warranty
All our rubber tracks are made with a serial Variety&comma we may trace the product date in opposition to the serial Number&period
It’s generally 1year factory warranty from manufacturing day&comma or 1200 operating hrs&period of time


MINI DIG &lparBARALDI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
BTR500 &lparBEOLINI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
BTR500D &lparBEOLINI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
T21 &lparBERETTA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
BTR500 &lparBERXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.NI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
BTR500D &lparBERXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.NI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
580 &lparCAMISA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A2
DUMPY &lparCAMS&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
T060 &lparCAMS&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
T090 &lparCAMS&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
BFK703 &lparCZPTUSUI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
BFP703 &lparCZPTUSUI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
BFX703 &lparCZPTUSUI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
GG403 &lparCZPTUSUI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
CH2 &lparCOMET&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
CH3 &lparCOMET&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
5&period65 &lparCORMIDI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
6&period65 &lparCORMIDI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
9&period65 &lparCORMIDI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
10&period65 &lparCORMIDI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
10&period80 &lparCORMIDI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
13&period80B &lparCORMIDI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
65 &lparCORMIDI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
9&period65 &lparDURSO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
10&period65 &lparDURSO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
thirteen&period80 &lparDURSO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
1B30 &lparECKART&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
EMB450B &lparECKART&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
ECOJOLLY &lparELEKTRO JOE&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
E800 &lparEUROCOMACH&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
EB09&period5 &lparEUROCOMACH&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
ES80 &lparEUROCOMACH&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
800 &lparEURODIG&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
DUMPY 500 &lparEURODIG&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
DUMPY 800 &lparEURODIG&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
GR500 &lparEURODIG&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
GR500D &lparEURODIG&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
GR700 &lparEURODIG&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
TERRAIN &lparFRASTE&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
RAMPICAR R600 &lparFRESIA &sol RAMPICAR&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
DUMPER 350HD &lparGRILLO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
DUMPER 507 &lparGRILLO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
ten&period5 &lparHINOWA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
twelve&period5 &lparHINOWA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
12&period65 &lparHINOWA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
fourteen&period65 &lparHINOWA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
DM8 &lparHINOWA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
DM8A &lparHINOWA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
DM8M &lparHINOWA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
HP1000 &lparHINOWA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
HP800 &lparHINOWA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A2
HP800A &lparHINOWA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A2
HP800E &lparHINOWA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A2
PT8G &lparHINOWA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
HP400 &lparHONDA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
HP800A &lparHONDA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
GT33 &lparHUKI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
DXR140 &lparHUSQVARNA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
102 &lparIHI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
105 CARRY &lparIHI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
HT6&period01 &lparIMEF&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
105 CARRY &lparIMER&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
DUMPY &lparLIBRA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
T060 &lparLIBRA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
T090 &lparLIBRA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
CINGO M6 &lparMERLO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A2
CINGO M6 &lparMERLO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
CINGO M6 &lparMERLO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
CINGO M6 &lparMERLO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
CINGO M6 &lparMERLO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
CINGO M6 &lparMERLO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
CINGO M6 &lparMERLO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
CINGO M6 &lparMERLO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
CINGO M6 &lparMERLO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
CINGO M6 &lparMERLO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
G500 &lparMINIDIG&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
SL &lparMULTIDRILL&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
ES80 &lparNAGANO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
MINI &lparNEMAG&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
NTR500 &lparNIBBI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
NTR500D &lparNIBBI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
500&period6 &lparOELLE&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
1055 &lparOIL AND STEEL&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
1265 &lparOIL AND STEEL&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
1412 &lparOIL AND STEEL&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
1465 &lparOIL AND STEEL&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
H2 &lparORMAC&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
FZ50 &lparPAZZAGLIA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
MINICAR 300 &lparPICCINI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
CAR70 &lparPORELLO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
SKY LIFTER &lparPORELLO&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
BABYACK 500 &lparRIDING&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
RIDING &lparRIDING&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
R70 &lparROTAIR&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
R600 &lparROTAIR&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
R800 &lparROTAIR&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
RK500 &lparRUFENERKIPPER&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
HUPPI 403 &lparTAKEUCHI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
TAK700 &lparTAKEUCHI&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
TC9 &lparTEKNA&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
FG3306 &lparUNIMEC&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A1
MCG 131 &lparYANMAR&rpar 180X72X34 180X72X34 A2


dimensions width&astpitch backlinks dimensions width&astpitch hyperlinks dimension width&astpitch links
130&ast72 29-40 250&ast109 35-38 B350&ast55K 70-88
150&ast60 32-40 260&ast52&period5 seventy four-80 350&ast56 eighty-86
a hundred and fifty&ast72 29-forty 260&ast55&period5K 74-80 350&ast72&period5KM 62-seventy six
170&ast60 30-40 Y260&ast96 38-41 350&ast73 64-seventy eight
one hundred eighty&ast60 30-forty V265&ast72 34-sixty 350&ast75&period5K seventy four
a hundred and eighty&ast72 31-forty three 260&ast109 35-39 350&ast108 40-46
one hundred eighty&ast72K 32-48 E280&ast52&period5K 70-88 350&ast109 41-forty four
one hundred eighty&ast72KM thirty-46 280&ast72 forty five-sixty four Y320&ast107K 39-41
a hundred and eighty&ast72YM 30-46 V280&ast72   four hundred&ast72&period5N 70-eighty
B180&ast72 31-forty three Y280&ast106K 35-forty two four hundred&ast72&period5W sixty eight-92
H180&ast72 thirty-50 300&ast52&period5N seventy two-98 Y400&ast72&period5K 72-seventy four
T180&ast72   300&ast52&period5W 72-ninety two KB400&ast72&period5K sixty eight-seventy six
V180&ast72K thirty-50 300&ast52&period5K 70-88 400&ast72&period5KW sixty eight-92
one hundred ninety&ast60 30-forty three hundred&ast52&period5KW seventy two-92 four hundred&ast73 64-seventy eight
a hundred ninety&ast72 31-forty one E300&ast52&period5K 70-88 four hundred&ast74 68-seventy six
200&ast72 34-forty seven KB300&ast52&period5 72-92 400&ast75&period5K 74
200&ast72K 37-forty seven KB300&ast52&period5N seventy two-98 Y400&ast107K 46
Y200&ast72 40-fifty two JD300&ast52&period5N 72-ninety eight four hundred&ast78  
230&ast48 sixty-eighty four 300&ast53K 80-96 K400&ast142 36-37
230&ast48A sixty-eighty four 300&ast55 70-88 400&ast144 36-forty one
230&ast48K 60-84 three hundred&ast55YM 70-88 Y400&ast144K 46-41
230&ast72 forty two-56 three hundred&ast55&period5K seventy six-82 450&ast71 76-88
B230&ast72K 34-sixty three hundred&ast71K 72-76 DW450&ast71 76-88
230&ast72K forty two-fifty six three hundred&ast72 36-forty 450&ast73&period5 76-84
V230&ast72K forty two-fifty six BA300&ast72 36-46 450&ast76 eighty-84
W230&ast72   three hundred&ast109N 35-forty two 450&ast81N 72-80
230&ast96 30-48 300&ast109W 35-44 450&ast81W seventy two-seventy eight
230&ast101 30-36 K300&ast109 37-41 KB450&ast81&period5 72-80
250&ast47K 84 three hundred&ast109WK 35-forty two K450&ast83&period5 72-74
250&ast48&period5K eighty-88 320&ast52&period5 seventy two-ninety eight Y450&ast83&period5K seventy two-74
250&ast52&period5 72-78 320&ast54 70-84 K450&ast163 38
250&ast52&period5N 72-seventy eight B320&ast55K 70-88 485&ast92W 74
250&ast52&period5K 72-seventy eight Y320&ast106K 39-43 K500&ast71 72-76
250&ast72 forty seven-57 350&ast52&period5 70-92 500&ast92 seventy two-eighty four
B250&ast72 34-60 E350&ast52&period5K 70-88 500&ast92W 78-84
B250&ast72B 34-sixty 350&ast54&period5K eighty-86 K500&ast146 35
250&ast96 35-38        

Good Features of the Gator Track Rubber Tracks

– three Steel Cores Wound Up&colon Larger toughness & Greater overall flexibility

– More compact Speak to Surface &lparSmaller Lug&rpar&colon Better grip & traction

– Bi Directional&colon Tracks are Interchangeable

– Strengthened Edges In between Lugs&colon Reducing the chance of slicing

– Jointless&colon Keep track of is significantly more robust than the joint variety

&ast&lparOther Manufacturer apps Include&colon Volvo&comma KOMATSU&comma KUBOTA&comma IHI&comma TAKEUCHI&comma KOBELKO&comma HITACHI&comma

YANMAR&comma FURKAWA&comma HANIX&comma KATO&comma SUMITOMO&comma BOBCAT&comma AIRMANN&comma CZPT&comma Doosan&comma

&astFor Mini&solMIDI Excavators & Compact Monitor Loaders

&astSize Classification and Component number&colon Width&lparmm&rpar X Pitch&lparmm&rpar

&lpar&equalsDistance Between Metallic Cores&rpar X Numberof Backlinks &lpar&equalsNumber of Steel Core&rpar
In Rubber Tracks line&comma we are a expert trader with excellent vitality output and far more than nine many years experience&time period We have proven very good relationship with specialist rubber tracks factories in China&period Speak to us now and get our favorable quotation&excl 

You are welcome to go to our business for more data&comma and inclined to be a associate with you for a much better future&period of time
&lpar1&rpar&period of time Significantly less spherical damage
Rubber tracks trigger considerably less harm to roads than steel tracks&comma and considerably less rutting of soft floor than both metal tracks of wheel items&interval
&lpar2&rpar&period of time Minimal noise
A benefit to equipment operating in congested places&comma rubber keep track of products considerably less noise than steel tracks&period
&lpar3&rpar&period Substantial speed
Rubber track permit equipment to journey at a larger speed than steel tracks&period of time
&lpar4&rpar&interval Less vibration
Rubber tracks insulate equipment and operator from vibration&comma extending the machine’s life time and decreasing operate fatigue&period of time
&lpar5&rpar&time period Minimal floor force
The floor force of rubber tracks equipped machinery can be fairly lower&comma about &period14-2&period30 kg&sol CMM&comma a significant cause for its use on the damp and delicate terrain&time period
&lpar6&rpar&time period Outstanding traction
The added traction of rubber&comma track cars permits them to pull two times the load of wheel autos of the sane fat&interval
For far more info make sure you totally free to contact us&excl 



180*72*34 Merlo Minidig Multidrill Nagano Nemag Excavator Rubber Track