Tgsu Self-Cleaning Drag Chain Conveyor

Tgsu Self-Cleaning  Drag Chain Conveyor

        The Drag Chain conveyor is that transmission drives the push sprocket to rotate, conveyor chain with the scraper meshes with drive sprocket and moves accordingly when the material is additional from feed inlet, it is gained in slot, then pulling drive of conveyor chain moves in the same route, so that the interior friction and internal stress among uncooked components increases. When the friction is higher than friction among the materials and the groove wall, it is pushed CZPT by the conveyor chain movement, and increased inside pressure ensures a stable point out amongst the layers, generating a constant circulation. When the ratio of the layer peak satisfies certain problems, transmission movement is secure and the substance velocity is about equivalent to chain pace, so content is constantly and stably transported from discharge port.

TGSU Self-cleaning(U sort) Scraper CZPT is extensively utilized in grains,oil,forage,pharmacy,distillery plant for granules and powder in extended-length transportation,installtion angle ≤15° .

 1. Layout: The scraper conveyor is created according to take in superior engineering from abroad and our a lot of many years knowledge to optimization
two.Chain of Conveying: The chain is utilized high-power welded chain, simply because its pins and chain boards are taken care of specifically,so it really is highly toughness and put on-resistance strongly.
3.Scraper is produced of UHMWPE,when the conveying substance tempture beneath 80ºC,It is dress in-resisting,affect-resistance,anti higher tempture and other folks advanges.
four. it is a good device, good sealing, long time operation, reduced use,mute,they can auto-compensate between scraper and shell to obvious itsselft.
5. set up and servicing: it is simple composition, simple set up.
6.Basic safety protection: The tail is set up with stall sensor and the head is put in with materials blocking sensor


model capacity  M³/hour powerful segment velocity pitch(mm) max conveying length (meter)
(M²) (m/s)
TGSU16 34 .018 .3~.8 66.25 ≤80
TGSU20 48 .5715 .three-.eight 66.25 ≤80
TGSU25 seventy five .04 .3-.eight sixty six.25 ≤80
TGSU32 149 .079 .3-.8 66.twenty five ≤80
TGSU40 183 .097 .3~.8 sixty six.twenty five ≤60


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Tgsu Self-Cleaning  Drag Chain Conveyor