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China Custom 9000 12000 BTU DC Rotary Compressor for Automotive Parking Truck CZPT near me supplier

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Boyard is professional rotary compressor producer since 2006, centered specifically on horizontal compressor.
This product has the best twin cylinder characteristic and considered all the failure mode investigation dependent on IATF16949. Tested by the industry for a number of several years and earn the very good track record.
Dual cylinder series make sure greater vibration and sounds overall performance dependent on it is even quantity balanced layout, satisfies for the AC used on roof leading or in slender room like truck/RV/caravan/machinery/cart/ship cabin.

The consultant consumer of this field is Dometic/Bergstrom/Taybo
Matched controllers are on shelf, we can also suggest the supplier for your immediate buy and customization.

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Q: What is the application of DC compressor?
A: DC12V/24V compressor is widely used in air conditioning of truck cabin, design machinery cabin DC72Vcompressor is broadly employed in air conditioning of electrical automobile, DC 48V compressor is extensively used in solar air conditioner, telecommunication shelter. DC 312V is higher voltage utilized for large ability device on electric powered vehicle system.
Q: How does your dc compressor function?
A: This is hermetic rotary BRUSHLESS dc compressor which should be drived by dc electricity through controller. Electrical energy to be saved in battery group as power bank Batteries drive air conditioner to run for CZPT and heating.
Q: Does your compressor can replace standard auto compressor?
A: Yes, this dc 12v compressor can substitute belt automobile compressor. But needed some alter and the compressormust be mounted affordable and correctly, and we strongly propose for divided 12 battery energy.
Q: Which type of fan motor you use?
A: we use 24v/48V DC brushless supporter motors for the two indoor and outside units of our solar air conditioners. DC brushless supporter motors can tremendously reduce power use, and operate with super low sound.
Q: Do you need to have CZPT to make DC power to AC?
A: CZPT is NOT needed for our solar air conditioners, due to the fact our photo voltaic air condtioners have been a hundred% driven by DC power.
Q: What will happen when a battery is not enough energy?
A: When the voltage of battery is reduce than the limit,the AC technique will be shut off immediately. Soon after the batteryreach recuperate voltage, the AC system will re-begin immediately.
Q: Are you company?
A: Sure, we are expert company of rotary compressor in China for much more than fifteen several years.
Q: Do you have the guarantee?
A: We have 1 yr warranty for companies.
Q: Which clients do you cooperated with?
A: We have cooperated with many domestic and international manufacturers, like Dometic, Panasonic, Haier-carrier and so on.
Q: What are your payment conditions?
A: Desire T/T


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China Custom 9000 12000 BTU DC Rotary Compressor for Automotive Parking Truck CZPT     near me supplier