Impact Resistant Rubber Ceramic Wear Liner Plate for Coal Chute

Impact Resistant Rubber Ceramic Wear Liner Plate for Coal Chute

Impact Resistant Rubber Ceramic Put on Liner Plate for Coal Chute

Rubber ceramic use liner also named rubber ceramic put on panel,rubber backed ceramic dress in tiles ,normally is made up of extremely use resistant alumina ceramics bonded to rubber sheet and metal backing plate ,which gets excellent industrial linings with ceramic higher hardness and rubber versatility . Its framework has triple layer or double layer, which rely on customer’s need.


Chemshun Abrasion-resistant alumina ceramic rubber liner (Al2O3: ninety two%, ninety five%)

      Property Value
      Alumina Content Al.2O3 92% Al2O3 95%
     Ceramics Vulcanized     Square Mosaic Tile,  Rectangle Tile ,  Plain Tile ,
      Hexagonal Tile ,   Alumina Cylinder   
      Ceramic Thickness 15mm ~ 50mm
      Rubber Thickness 3mm~10mm
      Steel Thickness 3mm ~ 10 mm
      Normal  Size a hundred and fifty*300 , 200*200, three hundred*three hundred, five hundred*500, 450*300, 530*450,
      Sheet Construction Ceramic Steel ,  Ceramic Rubber,  Ceramic Rubber Steel

——software machine:

— ash pipeline — mixer troughs
— belt discharge chutes — pipe bends
— bunker spirals — pipes
— bunkers — pneumatic backfill lines
— channels — priling tower bottoms
— chutes — pulpers
— circulating air separators — receivers
— continuous stream conveyors — screw conveyor troughs
— cyclones — separators
— dissolving tanks — location basins
— drying sections — shaft spiral
— dust collectingequipment — dust gathering pipes — silos
— followers — sinter troughs
— flue gasoline ducts — tailing strains
— flumes — tanks
— gravele lrease tunnels — hoppers of rotary dryers — tubular chain conveyors
— hydro-cyclones — turbo separators
— launders — vibrating troughs
— washing drums


Merchandise Description  Device Outcome
Alumina Ceramics 
1 Alumina (Al2O3) % ninety two / ninety five
two Density g/cm3 3.64
three Water Absorption % ≤0.01
4 Hardness Mohs nine
one Material   NR, BR
two Gravity g/cm3 1.fifteen
three Tensile Energy MPa 16 min
four Elongation % 400 min
5 Abrasion Reduction mm3 ≤80
6 Growing older coefficient (70ºCx48h)    
Peeling Strength
1 Peeling power in between rubber & ceramic kN/m ≥12
2 Peeling power in between rubber & steel kN/m ≥12

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Impact Resistant Rubber Ceramic Wear Liner Plate for Coal Chute