Continuous Multi-Car Annealing Furnace for Castings

Continuous Multi-Car Annealing Furnace for Castings

1  Equipment Application 

This products is supplied for sorts of main with drinking water foundation painting drying. 

2  Facility Requirement 
  Power Offer: 3 stage 4 wire program, 415/240V±10%,50Hz±5%.
  LPG major pipe strain: 15kPa, Calorific Value: 10000Kcal/m3. 
  Compressed air force: 0.5MPa~.7MPa
  On-website problem: 
–        Out door temperature: -10ºC~40ºC. 
–        In doorway temperature: above 0ºC.
–        Relative Humidity of out doorway: 61%~eighty one%
–        -10ºC~40ºC,
–        0ºC
–        61%~81%

3   Equipment Configuration 

NO. Item  Quantity 
1   2 Sets
2 Load/unload roller conveyor  two Sets
three Furnace Body  1 set
four Heating Chamber 3 sets
5 Air-curtain Technique 2 sets
6 Exhaust Piping (Length confirmed afterwards)
Pipe from furnace physique to inlet of enthusiast.
7 Cooling Chamber 1set
eight Pallet Return Roller CZPT  1set
9 Basic safety Guardrail and Operating Ladder one set
ten Doing work Platform 1set
11 CZPTal Management System  1 established

4  Main CZPT Parameter 

No.  Item 
CZPT Parameter 
one Portray type  H2o Foundation Coating Material 
2 Coating Method  Dipping/soaking/brushing 
three Effective Width of Inner Roller CZPT  650mm
4 Powerful Duration of Inner Roller CZPT  29800mm
five Highest Operating Temperature  250ºC
6 Drying Temperature  a hundred and sixty~230ºC adjustable()
7 Drying Time  45-55 Minutes adjustable()
eight Temperature Heating Up Time  <60 minutes
9 Vitality Source  LPG, 
Calorific price: 10000Kcal/Nm3
10 Maximum Fuel Consumption  90 Nm3/h (entire loaded, at cold condition) ()
11 Burner Capacity  twenty five~ninety Nm3/h ()
12 Regular Fuel consumption  72Nm3/h  (steady managing )
13 Continue being water Content material in main <0.30%(at depth of 10mm )
14 Transfer method  Roller CZPT 
15 Inner Roller CZPT Speed   .forty five~.75m/min()
16 Mounted capacity  45Kw   415V   50Hz

5Equipment Description 
The entire operating flow route kinds as 1 straight line. Please refer to the drawing. 

five.1 Elevating Desk (2 sets )() Main CZPT Parameter :

No. Item 
1 Doing work Height  900mm
two Diameter × Thickness 
Φ100×5mm(twenty# Steel ),
3 Length Among Rollers 257 mm
four Elevating Stroke  672mm
five Elevating Speed  6m/min(Max)
six Roller CZPT Speed  10m/min
Driving Electricity for Roller CZPT  .25Kw
eight   ≤2.5mm

five..2Desicription :
This elevating desk consists of elevating device and roller conveyor. 
Roller conveyor is created of rollers, sprocket wheel, chain, bearing seat, and speed reducer. 
Elevating machine is manufactured of supporting rack, elevating unit, and movable supporting rack. 
Supporting rack is manufactured of profiled steel, following welded jointly framework of this rack will be processed by machining device. 
Movable rack is made up of 2 parts of pillars, and it is set with rack. 
elevating machine is pushed by the hydraulic cylinder, one particular established of hydraulic station is geared up with this program. 
For basic safety operation, three sides of this elevating device is secured by guard fence and one maintaining door the doorway is locked by protection pin, which is interlocked with mechanical motion control technique. 
during keeping, energy supply for this part will be minimize off. 

Positioning gadget is made on the elevating unit, positioning accuracy: ±2.5mm.
5.2  Feeding/Discharging Roller CZPT ,
  Application: Charge/discharge pallets in/out of furnace chamber. 
  Main technical parameter:

No.  Item 
CZPT Specification 
1 Doing work Height  900mm
two Diameter × Thickness 
Φ100×5mm(20# Steel ),
three Material of Roller  Carbon Steel 
4 Length Amongst Rollers 257 mm
five Successful working Surface of Rollers   4000×650mm(L×W)
six Numbers of Pallets  four pallets 
7 Driving motor electricity for roller conveyor  .25KW
8 Quickly Driving Motor for Feeding Roller CZPT  .37KW
nine Quickly Feeding Rotating Speed  10m/min
10 Pace Regulating Method  Frequency Regulating      
eleven Pallet Detecting Device  Sensor 

  This roller conveyor carries pallets repeatedly charges/discharges in/out of furnace chamber. Body of roller rack is created of high quality profiled steel, which offers adequate bearing energy.
  Rollers are created of seamless steel pipe. Efficient working area of roller is 4000mm×900mm. Successful top of roller is 650mm
  To make sure pallets steady journey on the roller conveyor, two ends of every roller is created with collar.  
  To make sure each roller has sufficient bearing ability, length amongst each roller is about ~257mm. 
  Roller conveyor technique is driven by motor, chain, and sprocket wheel. Pace of roller is managed by Siemens Frequency transformer. 
 Operating box is situated at loading roller conveyor, effortless for management and control the loading conveyor unexpected emergency quit button is mounted at working box. 
6.3  Core Drying Oven 
6.three.1Technial  Parameter 

No.  Item 
one Optimum Support Temperature  250ºC
two Functioning Temperature  a hundred and sixty-230ºC
3 Powerful Dimension of Chamber  29800(L)×650(W)×500(H)
four Numbers of Heating Zone  three
five Temperature Uniformity  ±6ºC()
(identical part )
6 Temperature Manage Accuracy  ±2ºC
seven Motor of Air Contain  1.1Kw×2
8 CZPT open height  200~ 500mm (adjustable )
9 Lining Structure  Entire Fiber 
10 Skin Temperature  Ambient ≤+35ºC.


Continuous Multi-Car Annealing Furnace for Castings