China manufacturer Two Post Car Parking Lift From China Manufacturer with high quality

Item Description

HYDRO-PARK series of items are designed to provide clients more reputable, secure and usable parking gear. A lot of new designs and factors are updated, to make confident the products can perform for considerably longer time with considerably less servicing.
Hydro-park 1127 is the new 2 publish parking lift. It is a sort of valet parking products, suitable for both commercial and residential parking reasons. It moves only vertically, so the consumers have to very clear the ground degree to get the larger leve auto down. It is hydraulic driven with chains. The gear can be used for equally sedan and little SUV.
-2700kg capacity for most varieties of autos.
-Galvanized and corrugated platform ensure basic safety and long lifetime.
-Anti-slip corrugated deck shield each motor vehicle and driver from attainable slip and hurt but even now large heel shoe friendly.
– Solitary hydraulic lifting cylinders with chains as driven system.
-The pole with pistion is chroming to anti-corrode to make sure its prolonged utilizing life.
-Person hydraulic energy pack adn management panel.
-Self-standing and self-help structure.
-Symmetrical made column.
-Can be relocated.
-Special developed control arm for operator t ocontrol the carry CZPT receiving underneath the system.
-Synchronization chain assuring the lifting paltform stability.
-Center submit sharing characteristic conserve cost and room.
-Electric key change for protection and basic safety.
-A new ” lock down” button for platform sitting on locking tab to shield cylinder.
-Automatic shut-off if operator release the important swap.
-Dynamic mechanical locks as anti-slipping unit maintain the system in place.
-Guide lock release avaiable in scenario electricity failure.
-System can be stopped at different heights for fit for a variety of automobiles and ceiling heights.
-Hyraulic overloading defense.


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China manufacturer Two Post Car Parking Lift From China Manufacturer     with high quality