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Different Of Styles Chain Link Curtain For Lamp Decoration

Aluminum chain curtain is also referred to as chain url curtain, metallic fly display screen. It is manufactured from 100% aluminum materials, which is with super quality. The aluminum chain curtain is lightweight and has a basic framework, which can permit the curtain be simple to install and get rid of.


The area of aluminum chain curtain is handled by means of anodized. Anodized is also known as anodic oxidation. It materials the curtain greater resistance to the corrosion, rust and use. Added, the anodized area therapy can ensure the colour of aluminum chain curtain be different and sturdy. A variety of colors can make the locations be trendy and contemporary. Additional, the durable surface can preserve a very good issue in a lengthy time.

Aluminum chain curtain is not only utilised in the residence for curtains, fly screen and decoration, it is commonly adopted in business application. It is extensively employed in the place of work properties, dining establishments and lodges for space divider, it can be utilised for wall decoration, ceiling decoration, lamp CZPT in the shopping halls, exhibition halls and concert events.

Material:  100% aluminum materials.
Wire diameter:  .8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.3mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, and many others.
Hook width: 9mm or 12mm.
Hook size: 17mm, twenty.4mm, 22.5mm, 24mm and so on.
Curtain dimension: .8m × 2m, .9m × 1.8m, .9m × 2m, 1m × 2m, 1m × 2.1m, etc.
Surface therapy:  anodized.


  • Appropriate sizes. The suited sizes can make certain the relative privacy and allow the air and sunlight in at the same time.
  • Anodized surface area treatment method. It supplies greater corrosion resistance and use resistance.
  • Different durable and vibrant colors. Various shades can fit much more layout designs and make the places be a lot more eye-catching and trendy. Tough and vibrant hues can make certain the lengthy service existence.
  • Fastened or versatile type. The monitor of aluminum chain curtain can be mounted and versatile, which can satisfy the diverse specifications of consumers.
  • Significantly absent from insects. Aluminum chain curtain can avoid flies, bees, wasps and other traveling bugs.
  • Light-weight. Aluminum materials enable the aluminum chain curtain be light-weight and simple to install and take away.
  • Clean surface. It is comfy to walk through and will not hurt to the physique.
  • Purposeful. It can be used as different functional applications, this kind of as space divider, fly display screen,
  • Personalized. We can design and customize the items in accordance to your specifications.

Aluminum chain curtain has a lot of decorative and useful programs:

  • Aluminum can be employed as the space divider to divide far more useful area in place of work buildings.
  • Aluminum can be employed to divide some non-public area for individuals in the restaurant and residences.
  • Aluminum chain curtains can be used as fly display screen to avoid flies, mosquitoes and other bugs from getting into the rooms.
  • Aluminum chain curtains can be utilized for wall decoration in the buying malls, exhibition halls and other areas.
  • Aluminum chain curtains can be utilised as ceiling decorations and lamp decorations, so that it can insert the stylish and CZPT elements for the areas.
  • Various colours of aluminum curtains can be fashioned into various styles so that it can suit more design and style designs and be a lot more beautiful and desirable.
  • The aluminum chain curtains can be set up on the doorways and fashioned into directional styles for people.

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China Hot selling Various of Patterns Chain Link Curtain for Lamp CZPT     with Good quality