China Best Sales 3kg Rubber Wheel Chock for Cars/Trailers with Great quality

Item Description

Rubber wheel chock:
-Suggested for autos, trailers, heavy responsibility vehicles and street development tools.
-Resilient Rubber construction, manufactured from Natural and recycled rubber components
-Resistant to harm from UV, moisture, salt and oils
-Traiangle or pyradmid sort
-With eyebolt for ropes or chains
-Some models can assemble metal take care of

Product Specification

Product           Size  Weight Bundle Load capability
GT-02R 270*one hundred twenty*180mm    3kg in pallet 5 tons


Wheel chock sequence we have: 
Our business can source different sorts of wheel chocks:
–Urethane wheel chock
–Rubber wheel chock
–Plastic wheel chock


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China Best Sales 3kg Rubber Wheel Chock for Cars/Trailers     with Great quality