Biomass Processing Line Rice Husk Sawdust Conveyor

Biomass Processing Line Rice Husk Sawdust Conveyor

1.Solution Application of Biomass processing line rice husk sawdust conveyor 

Screw conveyor is mostly employed in all kinds of powder, granule and free components such as small block the amount of vertical conveyor and ascension. Screw conveyor is created of steel, screw conveyor is utilised to transport high temperature of the powder or solid particles chemical market, developing materials with the merchandise. The interior of screw conveyor is a pipe, the spiral in pipe welding.

2.Functioning theory of Biomass processing line rice husk sawdust conveyor 

The materials feed into the casing and screw flight was keep back again by the frication resistance acted on the wall of casing during operating, the screw flight thrust the material and make the materials do axial motion, simultaneity the clockwise and counterclockwise fight act as mixer. The substance can be discharged at the appropriate outlet at the bottom of casing or transport out at the end of chute. CZPT with basic development, be in a position to feed and discharge in numerous situation, it is easy to work, have good seal functionality and environmental welcoming.

3.Main Functions of Biomass processing line rice husk sawdust conveyor 

1) Employing Large Top quality Steel Pipes, Superb Ensemble Rigidity.
two) CZPT Knot Blades Design and style which Minimize the Compressing Diploma of Components for the duration of Conveying
three) Making use of Heavy Obligation Style Substantial Efficiency Pace Reducer Box which is Featured with Large Torque and Low Sounds
4) Optional CZPT Ball Connectors to Facilitate the Route Modify during Installation and Commissioning Procedure
5) Equipped With Large Good quality and Simple for Installation Center CZPT and Rear CZPTs
6) One Time Thorough Shaped Screw Leaf, CZPT Knot Design, No Supplies Blocking

4.CZPT Data of Biomass processing line rice husk sawdust conveyor 

Design Screw dia.(mm) Pitch
Electrical power
GX15 a hundred and fifty one hundred twenty three-70 seventy five four.five
GX20 two hundred 160 4-70 seventy five eight.five 1.five-7.five
GX25 250 two hundred 4-70 sixty sixteen.5 2.2-11
GX30 three hundred 240 4-70 sixty 23.five three-15
GX40 four hundred 320 5-70 sixty 54.two four-eighteen.five
GX50 five hundred four hundred five-70 forty eight eighty.six 5.5-thirty
GX60 600 480 five-70 forty eight 141.2 seven.five-37

five.Our service 

1) Set up and guidance
When the device arrives at your firm, we will dispatch our experts to your business to guidebook the set up and commissioning at site. Person should pay for the following charges air tickets, boarding and lodging and traffic in client’s factory.

(two)CZPT training
We supply totally free specialized training service to your things. Coaching content material includes the main work theory of device, functioning regulations, routine maintenance methods and actions, protection, and many others.

3 guarantees of our item high quality, guarantee for one particular yr (not include male-made destroyed). We will sustain the device for cost-free for the high quality issue. If the hurt is induced by your improperly procedure, the expense of the upkeep burden by you. we also provide you the  daily life-prolonged stick to-up service.

6.Our copmany

HangCZPT CZPT Metallurgy Constructing Content Equipments plant is a specialist company specializing in the production of mineral beneficiation equipments, sand and stone crushing equipments, briquetting equipments, coal preparation equipments, drying and calcining equipments, cement plant equipments and compound fertilizer equipments.


Biomass Processing Line Rice Husk Sawdust Conveyor